What is happiness?

Noon at Sigiriya
Noon at Sigiriya

What is happiness?
Watching the squirrels
dart back and forth
nibbling on bread crumbs.
Magpies and the seven sisters
hopping around in search of rice.
Baby birds atremble
begging for food.
The hanging vines
dancing in the wind.
Tinkling of the wind chime.

Its hearing the baby-talk
of the neighbour’s toddler.
The whir of the fan.
Sun rays glinting through the
Palm-shaped leaves
outside my window pane.

Happiness is hearing your voice
when its 2am in the morning
where you are.
Happiness is knowing
you care enough to call.

Happiness is sun in my eyes
when I look up at the sky.
Its the white clouds and the blue
floating up on high.

Happiness is knowing
things are under control.
It is knowing the dark days
are over.
That my life is full of light
because of you.

And reading year-old poems
I sent you last Christmas.

Happiness is hearing the phone ring
And only welcome voices at the other end.
No hassle, no business.
No official calls.

Yes life is good.
And I am happy.
I even updated my blog.

Written: 25 December 2006