Karma – Story 01 About Drowning in Mid-ocean

In my last post, I quoted a part from the Dhammapada about how we cannot escape the consequences of our actions; if we try to hide in the skies, in mid ocean or in rock caves. This story is about the ocean.

A group of bhikkus (priests) came to see Buddha, after journeying by ship. The ship stopped in mid ocean. The Captain looked around to see who the unlucky person was that was causing the ship to stop moving. In order to go forward, they held a lottery draw to select who was to be sacrificed. It turned out to be his own wife. She was drowned by tying a pot full of sand to her neck.

The bhikkus asked Buddha why this had to be so.

His reply was that in a past birth, she had drowned a dog that started following her wherever she went, by tying a pot of sand to its back.

So wherever you go, mid ocean even, you cannot avoid the consequences of your past deeds.


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