Karma – Story 03 About the bird that died in the wildfire

Not in the air, nor in the middle of ocean,
nor in the caves of hills, nowhere in the whole world
could a man find a spot
where he might not be overcome by death.

A group of bhikkus on their way to see the Buddha, saw a bird that had perished in a wildfire. They asked the Buddha why this was so.

According to the Buddha, this happend because the bird, in a previous birth as a farmer had got so angry with an unmanageable bull and killed it by tying a load of hay onto its back and setting it alight. This is the karma that caused him to be burned in a wildfire even though he could fly.

Your deeds follow you like the wheels of the cart follow the oxen. There is no escaping that.

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2 thoughts on “Karma – Story 03 About the bird that died in the wildfire

  1. I am repaying a visit from Wisdom of the Hands blog, as I am its author, and we have Daily Kos in common. I have another blog, sawzen.blogspot.com which you may enjoy as I see you write on the subject of mindfulness.

    I explain Karma to myself in the following way. We can be viewed as distinct and separate if we are examining the boundaries between us. We can be seen and understood as whole and one if we are looking at the connections, like these letters and words forming on this small screen of mine which will soon be seen on yours.

    When we live in the second version, seeing the connections between us, we see that what is done to one is done simultaneously to the other. We shut the doors to the pain and shame from errors of what we have done by denial of our larger, more comprehensive self. Thence live narrowly, in pain, isolation and loneliness of self imposed exile from greater being.


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