Letting Go…

Just as a tree cut down shoots forth again
if its root are unharmed and firm
even so, craving not being removed
this suffering comes again and again.

How hard is letting go?
Of a loved one, no longer loved;
A beloved book  falling to pieces with age;
or ragged soft toy
that has gone grey and faded over time.
A favourite piece of china,
that has been in the family for years,
Now chipped and cracked;
How hard is letting go
of land and property,
everything you own?

How hard is letting go each thought
that comes to mind?
Each temptation,
Each little annoyance,
Each craving.

How hard is letting go
what we feel we want,
and simply settle for basic needs.

Meditation teaches us this discipline.
I used to do walking meditation.
Focus only on the walking, nothing else.
Is there a magpie, singing his evening song?
Clouds floating by faster than I
am walking on the ground?

The technique in meditation
is not to ignore each sensation.
But to acknowledge it, and let it go.

This is how it goes:
Was that a bird? Pretty song.
Ok, back to meditation.

This can be done for every sensation
that registers with our minds.
Is it warm or cold?
Acknowledge and let it go.
Dwelling on it breaks focus.

And of course, doing this over and over again,
Every minute you walk,
is great for mind discipline.
Avoid bicycles, dogs, traffic, pedastrians…
whatever, just acknowledge and let it go.

After a time,
it becomes  a game.
How easily can you let go?
And you are testing your own discipline.
So there is no room for cheating.

Once you get to that stage,
It is easy to let go of anything.

Anger, annoyances, disappointments.
Cravings and temptations.

Try and see.
I’d like to hear your comments.


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