Through joy and through sorrow, I–wrote. Through hunger and through thirst, I–wrote. Through good
report and through ill report, I–wrote. Through
sunshine and through moonshine, I–wrote. What I
wrote it is unnecessary to say.

~Edgar A. Poe
Quoted in Hired Pens: Professional Writers in America’s Golden Age of Print, by Ronald Weber

It is hard to say what makes the writers write. What makes me write? It is as hard to explain that in myself as it is hard to explain in others. I too, like Poe, have written through joy and sorrow, hunger and thirst and day and night.

That is one reason why, though I am not a ‘writer’ in the conventional sense, nor a ‘journalist’ the way most journalists are, that I can sympathize and identify with writers, authors. That too is the reason why we are inviting self published authors to take part in SriLankaBookChapters; because I know the travails they go through, not just to bring out their creations into light, but into print and then into the hands of readers like you.

If you know self published authors, direct them to SriLankaBookChapters.

To all those who love to read, please visit SriLankaBookChapters and my other blog , again for inspiration because I’ve written extensively on personal development topics in the past 15 years and will be publishing those articles one by one.

To all writers everywhere, happy and productive writing! Please visit my other blog from time to time for skills or inspiration.



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