Improve your capacity to innovate

Insights from Richard Hamming, mathematician at Bell Labs:

1. Don’t Think Your Success Is A Matter of Luck
Lesson: Prepare your mind, and when a lucky opportunity comes, take advantage of it. Have the courage to pursue your independent ideas. You must be honest with yourself.

2. Plant Many Small Seeds From Which A Mighty Oak Tree Can Grow
Lesson: Always remember to work on many different small problems, because you never know which one will grow into the next big idea. “You can’t always know exactly where to be, but you can keep active in places where something might happen.”

3. Turn Your Problem Around. Change A Defect Into An Asset
Lesson: Many scientists, when they couldn’t do a problem, started to study why not. And from this came their interesting discovery. “Ideal working conditions are very strange. The ones you want aren’t always the best ones for you.”

There’s more… Read the full article by Dr Jonathan L Wai: Eight Scientific Strategies To Improve Creativity

With hearty thanks to Prof. Laxman Madurasinghe. Following his Facebook page is one of the best things you can do for your mind!


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