Thinking Outside the Box IS the New Box

Food for thought from the thought provoking technoscience people blog.

TechnoScience as if People Mattered

For nearly four decades, Langdon Winner has been one of the most widely cited and influential STS scholars, not only in the US and among Anglophone audiences, but across the world. His work has remained centered around one theme during this time: seeking means of politically directing the influence large technical systems have on human communities and our environments. Always the champion of democratic control of technologies, Winner’s provocative scholarship and teaching challenge us to investigate and intervene in technical matters as a necessity for increasing popular participation and social justice more broadly.

In this talk, Winner suggests that the predominant “God Term” in contemporary society is “innovation.” He explores the detriments of a culture that refuses to scrutinize the normative and political values that are veiled by this term.

Thinking Outside the Box IS the New Box – A talk by Langdon Winner, May 9, 2014 (Recording, original…

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