You Got Every Resource You May Ever Require To Succeed In This Lifetime

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

GUEST WRITER: Shantanu Das Sharma, author of Awaken The Incredible Within – Incredible is the New Giant, an Amazon #1 bestseller

Most of us habitually set limits or constraints on ourselves by (our own) choice. We set limits on how much we can achieve simply for the reason that we believe we lack the resources needed for successful achievements or outcomes. We also tend to believe that we just don’t have the acumen, skills, self-discipline, luck, intelligence, creativity, talent or energy to live at a level we can dream or desire.

‘Just if I was a little more creative or skilled or innovative, I could take advantage of that opportunity.’ Heard that before? Yes, many people trust and believe that they got to wait for resources to emerge or appear (a fortune or a lottery), in order to use it to acquire what they need. ‘When I have a bank balance, then I can plan to start my own business.’ ‘When I got more time, only then I can begin to plan my finances. ‘When I have an ideal partner, then I can enjoy a satisfying relationship.’ Heard all of these before?

The fact is that you already have all the resources you may ever need to get anything that you may want and realise any results that you may ever desire in your life! That’s truth! The resources that I am talking about here are your in-born, in-built resources of Brain-Body working together as one system.

Your Brain-Body

Your Brain-Body as a complete system is the most elegant and powerful resource…

Your Brain-Body as a complete system is the most elegant and powerful resource that every and each one of you are born with on this planet. As used and run effectively, your internal resources can enable you to acquire any physical-external resources you may need to assist you achieve any desired outcome or goal.


Most of us present lack of MONEY as our principal cause or excuse for not taking advantage of opportunities passing by & taking commensurate or much needed time-bound actions. Yet we all are aware that few of the most successful corporate-household names in the world started with little or deficient funds. Take Dhirubhai Ambanito Jamshedji Tata or even Wipro founder Azim Hashim Premji.

They began with nothing but their own ingenuity and personal grit
to create winning, innovative products
and wealth followed naturally, which then made possible for them to create even greater wealth.


TIME is the very next common resource that majority of people with conventional wisdom say that they lack. Yet we all work by the same clocks. We all have 24-hours a day within which we got to sleep, eat, refresh, relax, and work smart or otherwise.

In essence, then it is our ability and choice to plan, control and manage how we may choose to use time that may create results or lack of results. Again, it falls back to how we choose to control our own internal resources. Utilise them effectively or waste them.

And how about OTHERS as resources?

Here again, quite a few people believe that they do not have proper partners, colleagues, customers, family, managers or bosses to support them or their career goals. Here again, when you got the internal resources of knowing how to build rapport, influence and direct or influence the behaviours and thoughts of others positively (resourcefully), you CAN attract the kind of people you need to help you succeed. Hence, it is how we effectively manage our internal resources that can make all the difference that creates the difference in our outcome.

We Got Primarily The Same Basic Hardware

But do we all have same internal resources? Is it true that we have same mental resources to be confident, resourceful, influential, intelligent, and creative and so on? The reply is YES in CAPSLOCK! At the beginning this might sound a little weird to believe but if you may consider to study the human brain and the science of neurology (and while recently we have seriously made quantum leaps in our understanding of our Brain), you can find that we all share the same primary neurology or nervous system.

And in other words, we all basically posses the same hardware. And if anyone appears to be superior to you in intellect or seems as a much more efficient communicator, it is not because they have a superior ‘bio-computer’ than you may be having. It is just that they have more effective or efficient programs running presently on their ‘bio-computer’ than you may be running (currently). It is all about these programs or thought patterns that are enabling them to be more effective, more analytical, more focused, more powerful, more inspired, more motivated or to be an efficient communicator. If run in an optimal mode your brain is rightfully capable of producing any sort of positive & empowering thought or behavioral pattern, and so any result that you desire.

It is needless to emphasise again and again that every one of us was born with the same basic neurological makeup. We got approximately 1000 billion neurons (nerve cells) in our brain, each capable of processing information at a speed much greater than the fastest central microprocessor (CPU) unit of any personal computer. And it is computed that if a super computer were to be built to have anywhere near the storage capacity and processing capability of a human brain, it could have to be the length of hundred football fields and height of the Statue of Unity in India, currently the world’s tallest statue. And still your mega performing brain is powered daily with far less electricity that a 10 Watt tungsten light bulb! How is that? Just think about the marvel your brain is and how you can perform and what you can do with it.

Author’s Note

I facilitate Thought Leaders, Change Makers; Professionals & Business Owners translate NLP concepts into actions to achieve and elicit personal excellence. I conduct NLP Lifestyle Coaching Certification programs for individuals, corporate and celebrity clients. In the next article, I will reveal about ‘Neuro-Connections – The Key to Human Behavioural Patterns & Thoughts’ and after that you will come to know in the following articles, how you can utilise concepts of NLP+ in all walks of your life to replicate the success blueprint of a winner mindset. So, stay tuned every week to this series and fasten your seat belt to ‘Enhance Your Lifestyle With NLP+’

About the Author

Shantanu Das Sharma is the creator of the concept NLP Lifestyle Coaching with NLP+, founder of Neuromind Leadership Academy, India and author of an Amazon #1 Best Seller, NLP Lifestyle Master Trainer & Coach, Clean Language Facilitator & Strategic Interventionist. He is a Senior Associate Editor, ICN Group.

This article was initially published by the ICN Group under the Patterns of Excellence in Lifestyle, Enhance your Lifestyle with NLP+: Part 1

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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