Why Mindculture?

Thoughts are preceded by mind, have mind as their chief, are born of the mind.

The objective of Mindculture is to discuss teachings of the Buddha, especially the aspects of Dhamma that focus on mind development.

Mind culture, and the need for it contain the essence of Buddha’s teachings because, thoughts precede all our words and actions.

Since Mindculture’s blog is not an academic discussion of Buddha’s teachings, it should not be viewed as such.

Mindculture’s blog is a casual medium to discuss various things that come to the attention of the writer, with a focus on how Buddha’s teachings affect our daily lives.

The writer is a trainer, writer and management consultant; a global citizen living in Sri Lanka.

You can visit another blog by the writer at WindMillsoftheMind.

If you are keen on how to harness your mindpower for happy living, please visit HappiCraft.com.

3 thoughts on “Why Mindculture?

  1. Lasitha Cumaratunga

    Nice blog. Shall go through it again leisurely some other time. By the way, is there some problem with the Feeds (Comments and Posts)?


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