Mental Health Is ‘My Thing’ — Bombay Ficus

This is so true:

All it takes is a little bit of empathy.

We don’t have to suffer from something to empathise.

If you need ideas on how to make a difference, here are a few – talk to someone, look up groups online and offline, educate yourself, spread awareness, ask questions.

If you want to help, please make it count.

Even if we reach out to one person to check on them, it means a great deal.

With everything that is going on around the world, we are exposed to crises on a daily basis each time we scroll through our feeds. So naturally, one day gender equity is our thing, one day it is equal wages, another morning we are moved by farmers’ plight, and then our new thing is mental […]

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A MOVIE: So You Think Your Life is Tough? Watch this inspirational movie to change your mind

Miracle Worker, the Helen Keller Story is one of the best inspirational movies that I have ever seen.

If ever you feel sorry for yourself, watch this. And you will know that however bad your life is, it is not as bad as it could have been.

Resources to learn more about this amazing lady:

What is Depression?

.@HelenMFarrellMD via @TEDTalks
Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world. But because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol. Helen M. Farrell examines the symptoms and treatments of depression, and gives some tips for how you might help a friend who is suffering.

Positive Psychology Books — Improve My Well-being

This is a collection of Positive Psychology books from Improve My Well-Being.

Positive Psychology Books If you’re interested in learning more about positive psychology, the following publications are a good place to start. Within them you’ll find references and suggestions for further reading on topics of particular interest. Many should be available at your local bookshop or library, alternatively they can be found online with most major […]

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Becoming By Michelle Obama — Bombay Ficus

I was really looking forward to reading this book because I thought I’d get an insight of what it was like living in the White House and what it was like to be the First Lady. But this book is so much more than that. Celebrity memoirs are often like fondant-covered cakes, laboured to blemish-free […]

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